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If we think about boosting our energy the only thing that comes to our mind is caffeine. People are obsessed with artificial energy drinks especially those who work for long hours or students who pull up an all nighter. It has become nearly impossible for people to have something in moderation and these excessive caffeine and sugar containing energy drinks has been leading to a lot of health risks. So instead of reaching out for a double shot espresso or red bull, give your body’s metabolism a natural boost with the simplest yet effective energy drink by including the two most amazing ingredients, GILOY and WHEATGRASS.


You can buy them raw and make your own powder or  there are a lot of brands like Organic India which sells wheat grass. Although Gilroy is only available in shots , juice or smoothies. You can dilute both of them in a glass of water ,taking one tablespoon of each of the. The taste might seem a bit different and not so easy on the pallete but once you start having it regularly , it won’t bother that much. You can also have this drink first thing in the morning, before hitting the gym  or whenever you feel low on energy.


Gilroy (Tinospora Cordifolia) is a wee known Ayurvedic herb for boosting immunity. It is popularly suggested to the patients who suffer from dengue to increase their platelet count as the disease effects a lot on the immune system and might also help to prevent reoccurring of fever. Due to its anti inflammatory properties it helps to reduce frequent cough and cold allergies. It also has an easing and calming effect on the which helps to reduce stress and anxiety.


Wheatgrass is prepared from the freshly sprouted leaves off wheat plant ( Tritium Aestivum). Hindus popularly buy it’s plant during Navratris but many people don’t know the it is not only auspicious but also beneficial for your health. It is a great source of Vitamin A, C, E, iron and magnesium. Due to the presence of so many nutrients it is therefore a great source of antioxidants too.


– Don’t have more than once a day

– Have a gap of a week or so when you continuously had it for more than two months.

– Buy from reliable and genuine  brand which manufactures it ensures authenticity.

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Sofiya July 17, 2019 - 3:32 pm

Which is the best natural juice?? Can you please suggest

Beauty Possession July 25, 2019 - 6:41 am

coconut water


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