How To Build Healthier Daily Habits: Better Daily Alternatives

by Expertish

Most of us believe that the quality of life is majorly dependent on our daily habits. They are an integral part of our personality on which the progress of our life is dependent. The common thing in most TEDx Talks is that every speaker focuses on the importance of being consistent with their habits. To be our best version, one has to get rid of the bad habits & replace them with good ones ones. This requires utmost commitment, willpower and strength that’s why it’s easier to start small. It is not possible to hop onto healthy habits overnight but having the desire to adapt them one by one is surely possible. Here are 5 of them which we found useful and may change your life for the better too.


Resisting calorie intake cannot benefit anyone. Our body cannot work properly if we resist the intake of essential fuel. It’s a fact that we need to be mindful about our calorie intake but instead of decreasing it tremendously try replacing with nutrient dense meals. We need to provide our body with necessary & nourishing calories so it runs like a well oiled machine.


Skipping out on resting hours or makeing your body sleep deprived frequently can have a lot of negative effects. From sluggish brain to increased mental & physical stress, lack of sleep is no joke. NO matter how hectic your life is or how major your work commitments are , your body needs rest to deal with everything the next day. Sleep is our body’s way of charging itself so it’s better not to run on low battery for long.


Sticking with just one form of exercise & performing it over and over again isn’t the best route. Instead, change it up & keep your body on it’s toes. Incorporate different kinds of training like resistance, high interval and weight lifting. If you work for long hours in a single sitting position then after every hour take a walk of 2-5 min or stretch your body.


It’s extremely annoying to see how every simple meal has been replaced in the name of diet. Low calorie meals or meal replacement products are not the ideal choice for nutrition. Usually sugar free products, low-fat & low sodium foods are full of unnecessary additives and preservatives.


Focussing too much on your weight can hamper your efforts for better overall health. It can ditract you from bodily cues, preventing you from paying attention to important signal like hunger, stress, exhaustion etc. It’s better to eat mindfully, feeding your body when it signals it’s hungry and stopping when you’re full. Also most importantly remember that healthy body doesn’t have to be a certain size. If you feel good then nothing else matters.

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