How To Freeze Homemade Bread- Make Your Bread Stay Fresh For long

by Expertish

Yippie! You made your own bread and that’s something hard to believe especially for those who hated cooking. Since bread is one of our staples, so one big benefit of making your own bread is of being 100% sure that it’s preservative and chemical free. In this time of pandemic we all are trying to consume as much as home cooked meals as possible. Online food channels on various platforms have become the only episodes all the foodies are binge watching. They excite us to get up and cook new dish each day. However, baking your bread is interesting and awesome but it may have the shorter shelf life since it has no acidic regulators that keep it fresh for long time. Also it may harden soon if you store it the way you store your regular bread. Fortunately, we have come up with an easy way that will make sure how not to stale your hard work.

Slice The Bread

Let your bread cool down. Have patience! We know you’re excited to slice it and taste it but let it cool down and allow the air to incorporate in the bread so that it remains fluffy and soft. Do not slice it immediately after taking out of your oven. Room temperature is considered best to begin with slicing.

Seal It Tightly

Air exposure is only good when it is taken out of the oven immediately and not after. Air exposure once you’ve sliced your bread will lead it to lose moisture and stale it quickly. The moisture loss from the bread will force water out of bread and result in having nasty stale bread. Seal slices in a plastic wrap and then in resealable bag. Don’t forget to write the date you baked the bread on over it! Throw it away if it crosses 6-8 months!

Freeze Positively

If you do not plan to consume your bread immediately after it’s ready then pack it nicely and store it in a freezer. This will increase the longevity of your bread and keep it in a good condition. It will be good for 3-6 months but make sure to keep a check on it. If it starts smelling funky then it’s better to toss it away.

Thaw Before use

Whenever you want to have your homemade bread just place the slices on a microwave safe plate. Let the bread stay uncovered and microwave them on a high setting for 20-30 seconds. This will make the bread soft by breaking the starch and water molecules by further combining them together. Your Frozen bread is now ready-to-eat!!

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