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Whether it’s a vacation trip or last minute out of station work meetings, we tend to pack up everything in the most organised manner but when it comes to food, either we are dependent on what’s served in the flight or just load up on junk food and packaged items. It’s understandable that figuring out something healthy yet delicious at the last minute is difficult and at times chaotic too. But instead of binging on to your favourite potato chips packet it’s always better to save up some unnecessary calories and eat healthy, nutritious food which keeps you full and is also free of all the unnecessary preservatives. That’s why to simplify your travel-food diaries we have covered every variety from simple and instant ready to eat options to affordable munching snacks.

Panjeeri is a staple from the Punjab region made from whole wheat flour, herbal gums, ghee,dried fruits and sugar. It’s a nutritional supplement which gives you energy with a burst of fragrant and rich flavors. It will keep you stuffed for a long time and will keep your body warm.

Makhanas also known as fox nuts are getting really popular these days due to their truckloads of benefits. They are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium. Not only are they gluten free and protein rich but are also an ideal and healthier replacement of corn-puffs.

Nuts are a good source of fats, fibre and proteins. They’re packed with number vitamins and minerals. Nuts like cashews,peanuts and almonds are tasty and widely available. They’re loaded with antioxidants and aids weight loss. You can also make nutritious bars from nuts. And yes, they make your cheeks glow from within.

Roasted grams or roasted chickpeas are undoubtedly extremely healthy and make a good snack satiating your hunger. They aids weight loss, stabilises blood pressure, digests better and what not. The outer shell of the gram keeps you fuller for a long time as it is said to take times digesting. They’re extremely low in calories. They may look tiny but the snack surely packs a punch being great for overall health.

Some fruits like grapes, apples and bananas can be your travel partner until they don’t squish in your luggage. You could pack them in a small tiffin box and you’re good to go. Benefits of fruits are known to everybody as they are rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Dates are like natural candies. You can carry them either ways,dried or non-dried. They’re very nutrition dense due to the presence of iron, protein and vitamins. As they can be a little too sweet so those with diabetes should have it in moderation.

Cranberries are a superfood because of their rich antioxidant content. They’re are delicious and can be used for as a part of your go to smoothies or grind them with ice cubes and make delicious cranberry juice and slurp it on your way.

Chocolate is a preparation of roasted and ground cacao seeds and are scientifically proven to elevate your mood and balance your mood swings. Dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant. It protects your skin from the sun. While you munch your dark chocolate,your kid can binge on gems and m&m’s.

Fresh olives are very bitter and usually need to be cured and fermented before eating. You need to keep them in a brine solution i.e. salty water for days before consuming them. After it’s edible, munch your way to healthy skin and hair.

Jaggery and cardamom are a combination made in heaven. These two are packed with a number of health benefits. Jaggery also known as gur and cardamom also known as elaichi benefit your skin,hair and digestion health to an unbelievable extent. They are easy to fetch and carry. Jaggery tastes sweet and cardamom’s taste is a little complex,it’s minty,spicy and citrusy,all at the same time. Cardamom can also be used as a mouth freshener since it is highly fragrant and jaggery can satiate your sweet tooth cravings after finishing up your meal.

Coconut is widely used in India and is an essential part of meals especially in South India.Coconut can produce milk, water , oil and meat from itself. It can be carried in a dried state and you don’t have to worry about squishing as well. They’re crunchy and hard. It’s consumption is simple as you just have to wash it and eat it raw. The consumption of mildly sweet fruit in right amount is great for skin and hair.

There’s always an alternate to everything so if you just replace your unhealthy snack items with these healthy options on your way,you will feel light and more recharged. Moreover these fresh ingredients won’t result in bloating and will give you the strength to tackle crazy jetlag

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