Huda Beauty Vs Maybelline Fit Me

by Expertish

With so many types of foundations and brands in the market it is hard to know which to choose. There comes three types of options: Light, Medium and Full coverage. Lighter foundations give minimal coverage. Medium coverage foundations provide a good coverage without sitting in lines. For skins prone to acne or with scarring, a full coverage foundation will conceal problem area and even out the skin’s texture. Full coverage foundations are also ideal for someone looking for a completely flawless finish and are particularly good at covering imperfections, blemishes and spots. Here are the two of the best picks in full coverage foundation but the difference is that once is high end that is Huda Beauty and the other one is drugstore which is Maybelline Fit me.


This intelligent liquid foundation blends seamlessly with skin and dries to a radiant matte powder finish that looks luminous, not dry or cakey. It comes in 30 different shades.
• It gives a good finish on skin
• It’s a full/high coverage foundation
• It do covers pores and gives a proper finish
• Sometimes it feels sticky on face
• It gives a heavy look, preferred for occasions
• Quantity needed is a pump or less is enough for the one
• Needs more time to get blended because of its thick consistency

PRICE-2990-3310 RUPEES



First affordable drugstore product which matches the Hudabeauty foundation is Maybelline Fit Me foundation. It is matte + poreless liquid foundation that fits skin tone and texture. It also gives proper finish and gets merge with the skin tone. It has 16 different shades.
• It gives a smooth finish on the skin and perfectly matches the skin tone as well
• It is also a high/full coverage foundation
• It do gives a fine finish but might not cover the pores properly
• It’s very light weight so doesn’t feel sticky on the skin and can carried on regular basis
• Gives the natural seamless finish
• As it doesn’t have thick consistency, so needs to be applied in more quantity
• Doesn’t need much time to get blended




As mentioned above about both the foundations, they almost give the same look and finish. Although some properties do vary, but we can say Maybelline can replace Hudabeauty as Hudabeauty is a high end brand so it costs high as compared to Maybelline which is a drugstore product. But if you want quite high coverage and can afford to buy a high range foundation then Huda Beauty can be your go to base especially if you are a professional makeup artist and do a lot of bridal makeup.

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