8 Ways Your Hair Can Benefit From Mayonnaise

by Expertish

You can buy tons of hair care products for all your hair issues but you cannot deny that DIY recipes are easier and fun to try. Not to mention they are pocket friendly too. One such amazing DIY ingredient is ,Mayonnaise. At first, you might find it weird that mayonnaise is good for hair but in fact it has a lot of benefits when it comes to hair problems. Trying out a mayonnaise hair treatment at home is not only simple but fun too. And you can get great results from it.

Mayonnaise can be used as a hair mask in a number of different ways. You can add different products to it to get better results too. Here’s a step by step on how you can use a mayonnaise hair mask at home.

1.Wet your hair.
2. Apply one cup of mayonnaise. Remember to start from your scalp and work it out to your ends. Use as much mayonnaise as needed. You must make sure to cover your hair evenly.
3. Don’t forget to massage the product thoroughly into your scalp. You can also use a wide-tooth comb to ensure even application.
4.Next, cover your hair with a cap and wait 20 for minutes.
5. After that, rinse your hair thoroughly and shampoo as normal.
6.For best results, you can use the mayonnaise mask once a week. This will give you soft and smooth hair.

Importance Of Ingredients In Mayonnaise :

Mayonnaise has been used by people for generations as a natural homemade remedy for hair problems. The ingredients present in it play an important part in this. Mayonnaise is rich in protein and vitamins thus it can treat a lot of hair problems and nourish your hair too. It contains vinegar, egg-yolk and vegetable oil.

Vinegar- The most important benefit of vinegar is that it helps reduce dandruff. Apart from that it also maintains the pH level of your scalp which is very important when it comes to maintaining a clean scalp. It is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Egg-yolk- We consume eggs mainly for protein. And the most protein containing part of an egg is the egg yolk. This stimulates hair growth. The fatty acids and proteins that are crucial for hair growth are present in egg yolk. Thus it gives you shiny, conditioned and strong hair. 

Vegetable oils- Apart from moisturization , they also prevent head lice. So it is a good way of protecting your hair from these pesky insects.

Benefits Of Mayonnaise For Your Hair

Mayonnaise has several benefits for your hair. It’s a long list. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can gain from a mayonnaise hair mask.

1.Helps promote healthy hair growth- Well nourished and moisturized hair grows more. And the ingredients of mayonnaise do just that. As the pH of your scalp is maintained by vinegar, your hair becomes stronger and healthier. The proteins present also prevent hair breakage and give you bulky and healthy hair.

2. Eliminates hair lice- The vegetable oil present in mayonnaise has proven to eliminate hair lice. Because of the thick texture of mayonnaise, it forms a film on your hair and suffocates the lice.

3. Provides deep conditioning- Mayonnaise is rich in amino acids and fatty acids that nourish the hair from deep within and strengthen it at the same time. Also, vegetable oil present in mayonnaise provides deep nourishment and can assist in treating split ends effectively. Thus, it can revive dull and damaged hair effectively.

4. Helps straighten hair- Because of the deep moisturizing and nourishing effects of mayonnaise, with long term use of it your hair appears straighter. This is a safe way of straightening hair without the ill-effects of chemical treatment.

5. Defines curly hair- Curly hair adds volume and character to your hair. Everyone wishes for those natural curls. But it is beautiful only if you can define your curls. And mayonnaise does just that.

6. Protects Colored hair- Colored hair is a fun way of experimenting with your looks. But too much dying of hair can damage the length. The mayonnaise hair treatment nourishes the cuticles and provides them with intense hydration also treating dry and frizzy hair. Apart from that it also tightens up the cuticles making them less prone to damage. 

7. Treats dandruff- Dandruff is itchy, irritating and frustrating. But as mayonnaise maintains the acidity of the scalp it prevents any type of fungal infection. Additionally, mayonnaise deeply nourishes the scalp thus eliminating flakiness and dandruff. The balanced pH level also controls excessive sebum and oil production. These are known causes of dandruff. Thus mayonnaise is effective in treating dandruff.

8. Smoothens frizzy hair- Frizzy hair is one problem that occurs mainly due to dryness of hair. However, the fatty acids present in mayonnaise are intensely hydrating and moisturizing. 

Thus, they tame frizzy hair effectively while defining the texture of the hair as well. It also prevents the moisture from the atmosphere from causing fizziness in your hair. 

Thus mayonnaise hair masks are a simple yet effective DIY you can try out at home. This not only provides you with ample benefits for your hair and also is a cost effective way of getting a hair spa. Have fun while trying out this DIY.

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