5 Easy Overnight Oats Recipes For Breakfast

by Expertish

A ready meal for breakfast is always a bonus! When we have an active day and are on-the-go, we need a pre-prepped breakfast that doesn’t take much of our morning time. This is where the overnight oatmeal hops into the trend. This is a popular breakfast all across the world due to it’s various benefits. Besides this, you can try the overnight oats with different combination of ingredients and make it appetizing and tasty. 

So what makes the overnight oatmeal so trendy? Is it that nutritional and tasty breakfast? The answer to this is an absolute yes! The instant oats are highly processed which makes them less healthier than the traditional rolled oats. The overnight oats are raw and when soaked, keep their nutrient content intact. This being said, the overnight oatmeal are rich in fibre and protein. Apart from this, they even contain the vitamins and minerals, thus offering a range of healthy benefits. 

Secondly, when you cook the instant oats on heat, it makes them less nutritious. The slow cooked oatmeal, i.e. the overnight soaked one, is considered to be wholesome meal for breakfast. The overnight oats are better than regular oats nutritionally and even otherwise. It even makes your breakfast a little fun due the chewy texture that comes due to overnight soaking. To keep it healthy, it is necessary to add natural sweeteners but lot of sugary ingredients should be avoided. This will keep a check on the calorie count. 

The Basic Ingredients:
The simple way to make overnight oats is to soak oats in a bowl with milk, yogurt or water and let them hydrate overnight.

1. Old-fashioned Rolled Oats: So the traditional oatmeal is the best choice. You soak them in the preferable liquid which makes them creamy and gives a nice texture. They are highly nutritious. 

2. Milk/Yogurt/Water: If you love dairy, then soak the oats in milk or yogurt. You can use almond milk or coconut milk and even Greek yogurt is often used. For those who are lactose intolerant, stick with water to soak the oats.

3. Flavouring: You can add the classic ground cinnamon or the kosher salt for flavour. Adding a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup can make your oatmeal more tasty and satisfy your sugar craving.

The Easy And Quick Recipes Of Overnight Oatmeal 
1. Fruits Oats
(Coconut milk+oats+apple+honey)
Green apple and oatmeal makes a great bowl of breakfast. This combination helps to burn fat and reduce calories. The fibre provided by both of them increases the metabolism. Also, green apple decreases bad cholesterol and balances good cholesterol as well. You can combine other fruits you like to the bowl and enjoy your breakfast. 

2. Peanut Butter Oats
(Peanut butter+milk+oats+chia seeds)
This is a quick and fun bowl of oatmeal because it has the all time favourite peanut butter with chia seeds. This is a protein filled meal that contains healthy fat. Oats and chia seeds offer the necessary fibre. If you are trying to loose weight, then have Peanut Butter Oats in the breakfast. 

3. Flax seeds Oats
(Oats+yogurt+soy milk+flax seeds)
The flax seeds oats is a super easy recipe. The addition of flax seeds make it more nutritious. This can be called an energy bowl because flax seeds are rich in fibre, micronutrients, manganese and omega-3. Also, the yogurt makes the oatmeal creamy and makes it more filling. 

4. Chocolate Oats
(Oats+milk+cocoa powder+honey)
This is another flavourful combination makes a regular bowl of oatmeal more exciting. Adding cocoa powder with honey to the oats makes it delicious but healthy. It is all packed with protein and fibre. The cocoa powder increases fat metabolism and gives you more energy to keep going for the day.

5. Banana Oats
(Oats+milk+banana+chia seeds)
Banana is considered to be highly nutritious and goes with almost everything. You can blend the oats and banana into a smoothie too. The banana provides you with energy and improved metabolism while the soaked chia seeds give the necessary fibre, protein and omega 3. If you like your oats creamy, add some Greek yogurt to it.

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