Simplify Your Daily Nutrition With Easy Steps

by Expertish

Most people tend to over-hype, over-think and over-stress on their daily nutrition. Anybody who claims on the internet to make you shed a few kilos by some new fad diet shouldn’t be believed completely. You don’t have to make your weight-loss journey like that of a prison torture; it doesn’t need to be complicated at all. You don’t have to purchase special ingredients or products that claim to make you healthy because that can be done simply by consuming ‘ghar ka khaana’ (home-made food). To make your hard work effective, here’s a few points you can keep in mind the next time you’re going to try a new diet or exercise trend:

You’re going to lose weight if you are in a caloric-deficit:
There are no shortcuts:
There’s a certain standard amount of calories one should consume per day so if you have lesser calories than the prescribed intake then you are going to lose weight no matter what you eat.

Drink adequate amount of water:
Drinking 8 glasses of water has become a mandatory thumb of rule given by most dieticians and even dermatologists for the betterment of body or skin. The more important thing is to drink water when you are thirsty, before your meals and during your workout. Drinking too much water can make you feel bloated so it’s better not to go overboard.

No food is off limits if you consume it in moderation:
Diets that tell you to debar certain foods for lifetime shouldn’t be trusted. You can have chocolates, your favorite ice-cream and a slice of pizza or whatever you crave for as long as you take care of the portions.

There is no perfect macro-split:
Find what works for you, each body type is different so being dependent on generic costumed diets isn’t healthy neither for your mental health nor for your body. For some a protein-rich dinner results in a troubled stomach and for others a carb-free meal is less satisfying and filling so, see what suits you the best.

You can eat before bed if you enjoy it:
If you enjoy light lunches and heavy dinners then be as it may because it really depends on how your body can process it. To balance everything out you can have a very light breakfast but killing your late night cravings can sometimes result in over eating. So listen to your body and do what’s best for it.

Adequate fat intake is necessary:
Especially for women, healthy fat intake is necessary. Fat intake in women eases up the hormonal functions so don’t be afraid to have salmon, dry fruits, ghee(clarified butter) and other food products with rich fatty acids.

Keto isn’t magic, neither is intermittent fasting:
Well, the results might prevail but once you shut them down and come back to your regular diet, then what? And obviously you cannot continue to be on these diets forever, so stick to your usual eating schedule, do mindful eating and move your body.

You don’t have to count your calories to make progress:
Counting calories might help you to keep a track but it is just an added mental pressure. No matter what you eat, counting it at some point is going to frustrate you! We are huge believers of taking care of mental health along with physical appearance so don’t stress your body to a point that it results in disturbing your mental piece.

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