Mistakes That You Might Be Making While Washing Your Hair : Shampoo Tips You Need To Know

by Expertish

You might think washing your hair is an easy process that only requires you to apply some shampoo and rinse it, right? But well, the truth to the fact is that there lies a lot of intricate details that you need to keep in mind while shampooing so that your hair gets the proper amount of care, and does not become coarse and rough. Washing your hair requires you to make a thousand choices –which brand of shampoo you should use, the temperature of the water you use, if you use a conditioner or not after every wash, etc. 
To have healthy, soft hair, you need to keep in mind all of these things while washing your hair. It seems like washing your hair is quite a tedious task now–but don’t worry, we have got a few tips to share with you that will make your hair bouncy and beautiful!

Mistake #1: Not going with the formula of shampoo that suits your hair type.

Most of the times, we keep one shampoo for our entire family to use. And all of the family members–be it your aunt who has colored hair, be it your brother with coarse, short hair, and be it you with long, straight hair–use the same shampoo. This is a big no-no. You need to choose a shampoo that suits your hair and if you have dyed your hair, you must go for a color-retainer shampoo for it. 

Mistake #2: Not rinsing your hair properly.

Have you ever clocked the time that you take to wash your hair? If you’re in and out of the bathroom in only 5 minutes, then chances are you are not washing your hair enough. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, you must take your time while cleansing your scalp. The exfoliating material in your shampoo will wash away the dirt particles and only then your shampoo will be effective.  

Mistake #3: You think you can skip exfoliating the scalp

Cleansing your hair means cleansing your scalp as well. The shampoo that you use must have some good exfoliator to help clean your scalp and get rid of the dirt particles that stay attached to it because of your daily ventures into the polluted streets. Whenever you use shampoo, make sure you cleanse your scalp till your hair wash starts making suds. As long as you don’t see suds, you should know that your shampooing is not done as the scalp has not been properly cleaned yet. 

Mistake #4: You use too much dry shampoo.

While you might think dry shampoo is a gift sent over to you from heaven which keeps your hair bouncy and soft without having to use the shower, then you must know that all good things have their limit. While dry shampoo indeed helps you save the time it takes to get a shower, you cannot use your dry shampoo every day, no matter if you miss the bus in the morning to go to your office. You must use water and a water-based shampoo to cleanse your hair properly and only a few times, use the dry shampoo when you simply cannot get enough time at all. 

Mistake #5: You use the same shampoo every time

If you believe your hair “gets used to” the same shampoo over time, you might be wrong. Sometimes, you need to switch your shampoo to see if your hair requires something extra that your regular shampoo has failed to provide. It can also happen that once you use a single type of shampoo for a long time, the shampoo begins to stop working on your roots/strands as the hair gets adapted to it. Then, you must look for a new shampoo with a slightly different formulation that is made for your hair type so that you get better results. 

Mistake #6: You like washing your hair is scalding hot water 

While the microbes and the germs do get killed when you take hot showers. Another thing that happens if you steam your water before shampooing is that you damage the protein strands that make up your hair. Thus, it is important to use mildly warm water to wash your hair.

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