A Detailed Review of the Sugar Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Pencil

by Expertish

Any outfit can be instantly revamped with one stroke of kajal. But the hunt for the perfect kajal which is smudge proof, waterproof with long lasting action is very hard to perform. While there are plenty of options in the market, only a few actually seem effective.

And while we were on the quest for the best kohl, we thought of testing the viral, Sugar Kohl of Honor Intense Kajal Pencil. Be it a cat-eye look, or a simple girl-next-door look that we want to nail, the Sugar Kohl of Honor Kajal Pencil has given us amazing results for all our needs.

Our Take On The Kohl Of Honour

Sugar has become one of the most reliable beauty brands of India, and we have used various cosmetic products from their line-up before. While using the Kohl of Honor Kajal from Sugar has been a new experience for us, we must say we quite liked it. 

First, if we talk about the pricing of this kajal, you must know that it comes at Rs. 249, as given on the official brand website. Compared to some of the other Kohl’s from the competitive brands of Sugar, and considering all the benefits, we believe this Kohl is remarkably affordable and budget-friendly. It might be that you are just a student, and you are only starting out using makeup for the first time. If this is your makeup debut, and you want to play it safe so that you don’t end up spending too much on the products, this Kohl will be perfect for you.

Sugar’s Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal is an Amazon bestseller, and you will find it at all the leading cosmetic stores around your place. So, it is easily available, and you can get it online as well. 

However the company’s claims that it is smudge proof is not completely true. The kajal did begin to fade away after 6 hours since we first applied it. In our opinion, this was a major drawback of this product. Other than that, the texture of the Kohl is quite smooth, and it leaves a soothing feeling once you apply it on your gentle eyelids. Unlike some kajals in the market that feel somewhat heavy on the eyelid, this one will be perfect for you, and can be paired with some liquid eyeliner.

While applying it, we found that the product glides on really well giving a smooth finish. And while removing the makeup, it comes off easily without much ado. Because it contains castor oil, it is said to increase lash length too. This kajal is perfect for smokey eye effect.

Another thing to note here is that the Sugar Kohl of Honor Intense Kajal is available in six different shades to complement your outfits on the days you go out to party.  

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