At Home Easy DIY-Pedicure

by Expertish

Your feet can be one part of your body where you may face a hard time cleaning. It has cracks and then there is additional dirt deposited in those cracks, so spending a few bucks always seems easier than putting in the efforts yourself. Despite of the fact that salons give you a smooth clear as ever result, but if you follow a few basics and do it in a right way you can achieve salon-like pedicure results at home!

Remove old polish:
Prep your feet by cleaning your nails. Dip a cotton ball in an alcohol-based polish cleanser and then rub it over your nail polish to remove it. You can trim the nails if you wish to for extra cleaning but if you want the other way then just clean the dirt deposited inside the nails.

Soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salt:
Epsom salt is anti-inflammatory so it reduces the inflammation, smoothens your feet and suppress any kind of pain. It also acts as an exfoliator so no worries, as it is going to pull out the dirt easily. Make sure the water touches a little above your ankle and covers the whole feet. Let your feet rejoice in there for a couple of minutes.

Buff dry areas with a pumice stone:
Pumice stone is popular in shedding off the dead skin so buff it all over the areas you feel the skin is dry and dead. The dead dry skin will show up actively once you pull out your feet from the water and tap them dry with a towel. Once your feet are semi dry, rub the stone once again. Be gentle because you don’t want your feet to bleed or bruise.

File and shape:
If you’ve decided to keep up the length of your nails, now is a good time to file and shape them up.

Moisturise with lotion and cuticle oil:
Now that you have absolutely clean and fresh feet, hit them up with a nice moisturising lotion and cuticle oil. Massage your feet for about 5-10 minutes with the moisturiser so that it goes deep inside the cracks and smoothens them. In case, you have harsh cracks in your feet you may use a boroline or vaseline for the specific area and coat the cream nicely. You can wash your feet everyday and apply boroline or vaseline post cleansing to have crack-free feet forever.

Start wish a base coat and then polish:
You can apply your favourite colour to your nails as a finishing step. Start with prepping the nails with applying a base coat. Wait for it to dry to apply the second coating!

The finishing touch, a quick-dry top coat:
Apply a finishing touch of matte or glossy. You don’t have to apply two to three coating, once the last coat of your nail colour is done and dried, you can either matte it with a matte finish or gloss it up with a glossy transparent shade!

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