Daily Practices That Can Help You Lose Weight

by Expertish

Do you also believe that a strict diet and 2 hours of workout are the only important factors for weight loss? Then you have to scrap that belief because a long term change in your daily habits and lifestyle holds equal or more importance. Weight loss isn’t just for the looks, it is your body that gets healthy and strong. Your immune system starts to work properly and your body achieves hormonal balance too. With diet you will find that you can loose weight real quick. But usually you are left hungry and unsatisfied. If you want to ditch that and feel comfortable while you loose weight, then here are some healthy habits you need to grasp:

1. Drink Water When You Wake Up
This sounds so simple but it is often ignored. Actually, by drinking water just after waking up helps you rehydrate your body. We have a sleep of 6-8 hours which is quite a long time to go without water intake. So better be drinking water the first thing you do in the morning. Also, it helps to remove toxins from your body. Have a nice warm glass of water with some honey or lemon(or booth)and you are good to go.

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast 
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s important that breakfast must be full of nutritional choices. A doughnut won’t help your waistline. If you are on diet and think about skipping meals, this won’t help you reduce calories. When you skip breakfast, you stay hungry and then you grab anything you see let it be fat laden then. This just adds more pounds for no reason and without any nutritional benefits..

3. Move Everyday 
With a healthy diet you need to workout at least 3-5 times in a week .You can take a walk or go for a run. Do cardio or hit the gym if possible. Cycling is also one of the ways to exercise and stay fit. One of the most relevant exercise would be weight-training. It is said that you keep losing calories even after many hours of weight training unlike any other workout. You also get more active when you exercise daily. It becomes a great habit that keeps you healthy lifelong. Also involve yourself in house chores or take a walk around the house after every one hour. Showing all your stamina in gym is good but it’s better if you stay active throughout the day, even at your home.

4. Lunch Should Be Biggest Meal
All of us may not like to eat a heavy breakfast or we usually skip it. So make sure that you have a nice big plate of lunch. This is because our body consumes more calories during day time and it’s necessary to feed our body properly. It is found in many researches that those who consume most of the calories before 3 pm are said to lose weight more prominently than others. So having a big meal proves really beneficial. But don’t mistake our recommendation with ordering a big box of pizza. A hearty meal should have greens, carbs, proteins, and probiotics , all of the in the right proportion and portion size.

5. Only Eat When Hungry
You might have a habit of going to the fridge and grab something to eat when you are bored. But is that portion of meal necessary for you? You actually consume so many calories while doing so and then we wonder why isn’t anything working for us? So what you have to do is ping yourself every time you crave to eat something. Ask yourself are you really hungry or not?! Plan your meals, eat at proper intervals so that you are not hungry all the time. 

6. Prioritize Good Sleep
Is this true that having a good night’s sleep can reduce your weight? Yes, definitely. Sleep regulates our metabolism. If you don’t sleep well, your body isn’t going to work well. Poor sleep increases your appetite and raises calorie intake. This even leads to produce more insulin in body. More the insulin, more hungrier you get and this increase the food portion. Thus, like a workout and healthy food are vital for weight lose, sound sleep also plays a fundamental role to maintain healthy weight.

These habits may take some time to get into your routine but once you start applying them, you can see the positive results immediately. Healthy habits make healthy body!

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