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Do you also battle with a tankful of questions before going on a first date like What to wear? How to walk? What to talk about? How to sound modest? Am I dressing up too fashion forward? etc… Amidst of all these tangling questions the one thing which always works like a charm is to be confident as it can help channelize the right energy. You need to be comfortable in whichever way you’re going to carry yourself and there’s no problem in taking hours to decide the right outfit. However we are here for with some amazing ideas which can ease that stress and never let you down:

Match your favourite pair of denims with an off shoulder top or a shirt. If jeans is your ultimate solution to every occasion and you wish to spice it up a little then you can simply add a dressy off shoulder top. You don’t have to worry about being under-dressed or over-dressed. Pair it with lightly heeled shoes to balance between comfort and grace. This outfit would work in any season of the year and at any time of the day. You can carry it at either meal time;if you plan lunches or dinners together. Add a dash of highlighter to your collar bone and you’re good to go.

Carry a striped shirt with a pair of denims and sneakers. This works when you wish to keep it casual and flirty. It’s simple and comfortable to carry and makes you look lively . It would look perfect if you’ve planned to do a coffee date at some cafe with a romantic calm ambiance or even a dinner date at a fine dine restaurant .

If you’re planning to have a classic night where soft tunes by violins are played then opt for a satin dress and combine them with a pair of edgy heeled sandals. Carry a small clutch or small crossbody bag to keep it simple and elegant. Do a little smokey eye makeup or go for an absolute nude makeup. Have a little bracelet or a watch around you wrist and choose between a nice necklace or a pair of subtle earrings. Keep it simple and feline to make an unforgettable first impression

A blazer dress with bicycle shots and strappy heel sandals can never go wrong if you have a date planned between your workdays or workhours and you know you will get late if you switch outfits. If it gets a little formal then just wear your heels of a pop colour to balance it all. Pull it off with either a tote or a satchel and tie your hair in a bun to nail your look.

Crisp white shirt with cotton lapel collar jacket and with denims and sneakers are for days when you’re excusing some time from work. If you head for a leisure dinner or an informal lunch,this outfit will make you look sharp on either occasions. Button up your jacket a little if the dinner tends to be opulent.

If you’re going to do a casual hangout together at some fancy place then there’s no better option than a polka dot dress paired with slightly heeled shoes. It has numerous reasons to be your pick this summer, it’s trendy,comfortable and prompt. Leave your hair loose and curl them up a little to pop it up.

You got to be in awe of yourself before you leave someone in awe of you. Choose what works for you and feel delighted.

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