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Our clothes define our personality and most importantly our purposes. Nobody would wear a pair of gym leggings with a pair of running shoes to work so yes whoever who says clothes do not matter — sir/madam obviously they do. They help you live in the moment and pave your way to motivation and energy. After the constant extension of lockdown, it’s been a daily struggle to uplift our moods with one activity or the other. So we thought why not to take help of our old friends which are lying in the wardrobe for nearly 2 months. There are clothes for every mood and purpose so make use of them to rescue yourself from that mundane mood

Let’s Workout

Since you might be at home you’d be wanting to workout in your pjs only. Don’t let this time fade away your willingness to dress up for working out. Gymwear will motivate you to push yourself harder and work that body out better.

Wake Up The Inner Chef

Wear your apron even if you’re just cooking a bowl of maggie for yourself or just simply making a tea. You can also accessorize it with a cute hairband so that the strands stay in place

Cleanliness Drive

That daddy(oversized) t shirt and biker shorts has been a great outfit for casual day out but is also comfortable enough to be worn while doing house chores.. Get in your zone and stop sitting in messy bedroom. Clean it all.

Feeling Cute

Do not let this time hamper your mood. If you feel like dressing up and you feel your skin’s all red and mushy and cute then just stand up and dress for it.

Geek Mode On

Wear what you think comforts you while reading your favorite novel. Maybe you can dress up as the antagonist in the novel you’ve been reading.

Tik Tok Fever

Put on your that bodysuit or tube top with boyfriend jeans to catch up with the latest tik tok trends and turn on that “savage,rachet” mode.

Do It For The Gram

Dress up for your insta family. Let them know this quarantine doesn’t change a thing and you still love dressing up even if you have nowhere to go.

Work From Home

Button up your work crisp shirt to feel lively and energetic. Working in your pjs would just make you want to throw away your laptop and crib working. So for the next zoom meeting do the half dressing method, shirt on the top and pjs on the bottom and know one would even know

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