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Government health officials have strictly stressed over wearing a face mask during this pandemic. There has been a categorization of surgical masks and disposable masks both with the respective shortage and that is why it has become official to make your very own masks at home so that there is enough for doctors and patients. Also, with the leading demand of masks, the prices have significantly hiked disabling the poor from purchasing it. That is why you can make your own home made cloth mask that can be either made in an instant or by sewing:

You could use denim fabric or cut out your cotton bed sheets to make a face mast at home. You could make it with the help of sewing machine if you have it or simply use a thread and sewing needle with measurements of your face. Tightly woven fabrics are best suited to be a mask like that of a t-shirt or a jeans. Use rubber ties to put it over your ears or any stretchy material.

As masks cannot completely prevent you from the corona virus that is why practice social distancing, disinfect your surroundings and boost your immunity by making wise diet and lifestyle habits.

Use it every time before stepping out of your house be it even to water your gate plants. Wear the mask even when you plan to just be in your car while picking up the groceries or medicines. People with breathing problem or children under the age of 2 years might avoid wearing a mask but be sure to maintain a minimum 6 feet distance if they’re out of the house. A homemade mask may not provide full protection but if you keep your hygiene at best then it may turn out to be the most cleanest and safest mask for your use. Wash it everyday even if it has been just lying over your couch all day. Stay inside! Stay safe!

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