Exercises To Make You Feel Recharged

by Expertish

In today’s headlong lifestyle, it is pretty obvious to feel drained and worn-out. Being busy is like a second nature now. There is little time left to relax amid all day rush and this is followed by exhaustion and productivity turndown. It is important to keep your body energized so that the mind stays in spirit. 
Apparently, the thought of sitting and recharging yourself might lure upon, but this makes you feel more tired. Instead, get up and move around- take a walk or have a workout session. You may complain that workout takes a lot of time and your daily schedule might affect. But here is a quick ,effortless set of daily exercises that take very less time but help you stay energized and refreshed for hours. 

Get Ready
Whenever you do exercise, warming up is the first and foremost step. Stretch your muscles for 10 seconds and you will already start feeling energized. Stretching is like a kick start for your body, it helps you do other exercises smoothly. You can do it for few more seconds if you have time. Now, that you are ready, lets go to the next set of exercises. 

Do Push-ups 
Push-up is a humble exercise and you can do it anywhere-no equipment required. Doing push ups is a great way to workout your whole upper body. You got to lay in high-plank position, then go down and lift your body using arm strength. It is necessary to keep your body straight for better results. In the beginning, you might find it difficult but eventually you will get better at it. Once you nail it, do 20 push-ups for 20 seconds. Remember to move slowly and in control. 

High Knee Running/Jumping
High knees are one of the best cardio exercises. It improves your breathing rate and helps to burnout calories. In high-knees, all you need to do is stand with your legs just hips apart and start running on the same place. Note that you should bring your knees as high as you can so that the exercise is effective. Incorporating high-knees for even 15 seconds works your lower body and it doesn’t require any equipment. 

Jumping Jacks
It is another cardio boost and recharging exercise that works your entire body. There are variations to how you do it, usual one being— start by standing straight and then jump putting legs apart to shoulder-width. While doing this, throw your hands out and over your head and then jump back to initial position. Do it for 15 seconds and you will be pumped up. Jumping jacks are helpful in reducing stress and at the same time strengthening your muscles. 

Time To Celebrate 
Put on your favorite music, it’s time to rejoice the end of the exercise set. For 15-20 seconds, have your moment of fun as you are now totally refreshed. You are now pumped up and nothing feels better than a good workout. With this mini-workout session, you have prepared yourself for day long work.

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