Do You Drink Enough Water? 7 Ways To Increase Your Water Intake

by Expertish

Keeping ourselves hydrated is one of the most important steps that we must take for a healthier lifestyle. It is a known fact that our body has a major portion which solely consists of water, and every cellular metabolism that upholds the homeostasis of our body depends on water. Not only this, water also helps to flush harmful toxins from our body, and helps our skin look younger, softer, and more supple.

With so many uses to water in our body, it goes without saying that it is of prime importance that we look after our water intake and regulate it according to our needs. But keeping a watch over it is a tedious task that we often forget while going about our busy day. 

Hence, we have jotted down some tips to help you keep a watch over your water intake throughout the day. 

Add your favorite flavors to your water
If you think water has a bland taste and you don’t like to drink it unless you’re very thirsty, then adding some fruity flavor can help you. You will find several additives which give a tangy, sweet, or spicy taste to your water. You can try them out to see which one you like!

Make it into a routine to drink water
Our minds are always more obedient when we have a written schedule to follow. If we see our to-do list in front of us, we feel more compelled to do the task. So, put “drinking water” into your to-do list, and hopefully, you will remember to drink up from now.

Have more juicy fruits 
For increasing your water intake, you can opt for having some juicy fruits which come with lots of water content like water melon, orange, grapes etc. Even some vegetables like cucumber, bottle guard have high hydration value that will help you satisfy your daily quota of water intake. 

Keep a track of your water intake
You can always get one of the apps that are available on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore for keeping track of your daily water consumption. These apps are designed to send you a quick alert whenever it is time for you to drink water, and thus it can help you regulate your hydration levels without any hassle. 

Make a water buddy
It is not just you who is worried about maintaining their water levels, there are many people who need to keep a check on their water intake. And we know that habits develop faster when we do them with our friends. So, make friends with someone who too need to up their hydration game.

Never leave your house without your bottle 

We are all lovers of cute and aesthetic things, so make sure you buy a cute water bottle from your nearest store or you can also purchase really cool ones from Amazon (tap on the picture above to buy ). And then, don’t forget to take your bottle with you whenever you venture outside so that you can keep yourself hydrated on the go. 

Switch your drinks with water when you order in or eat outside
It is a fact that unknowingly, we end up consuming lots of drinks like soda or carbonated juices, etc, in a day. These drinks are actually harmful for us, and should be switched for water or infused water when you eat out so that you can keep yourself hydrated, and can also avoid having carbonated drinks. 

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