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If you talk about moisturisers then Cold Creams are the real OG. Our mothers and grandmothers used to consider cold cream as their go to skincare product and still do especially in chilly winters. Most of you must have a memory of your mom slathering cold cream all over their face, hands and feet as it helped to reduce dry patches and moisturises the skin in cold weather. But due to the rise of huge varieties of serum, essence, facial oils etc. , people have forgotten this bottle wonder in a bottle.

Cold creams are usually emulsion of water, concentrated fats, mineral oils and because of these high concentration of fatty acids which basically form a soap base shouldn’t be kept for too long on the skin. With time this can result in drying out of skin instead of keeping it moisturised or nourished. Apart from this most of the cold creams do not contain beneficial peptides or ceramides which can enhance your skin and it’s texture. So what’s the correct way of using your all time favourite cold creams? Let us break to you some easy ways to make the part of your daily skincare regime:

1. As cold creams are rich in fats and oils you can definitely use the to remove your makeup especially the heavy duty glam look.
2. Use a generous amount as a foot mask for your cracked heals or your elbows and remove it after one to two hours by massaging it in the skin.
3. You can use Vaseline as a base to make your perfume last longer. Just put a tiny amount where you want to spritz your scent.
4. If your favourite pair of shoe is itchy just slather on any cold cream, leave it overnight and wipe it off with tissue paper before you want to wear it.
5. Whenever you want to keep your makeup minimal but also want those cheekbones to pop then take a tiny amount and rub it on instead of a regular highlighter. Be careful of not keeping it for too long and skip it if that area is inflamed.
6. Lip scrubs are quite popular these days but some can be quite expensive. Just mix equal part of castor sugar and cold cream and gently exfoliate your lips for a plumpy pout.
7. Most of us can’t apply nail paint without messing it up, so apply your cold cream around the cuticles so that the polish doesn’t stick by acting as a barrier.
8. There is no reason why one shouldn’t flaunt their mermaid thighs but chaffing is a real struggle. Apply small amount of cold cream between your inner thighs and say goodbye to chaffing.
9. Is your ring or bangle too tight to fit in? Then just use it to slide them easily in your hands.
10. Lastly you can use cold cream as a skin soother after an extreme sunburn and use half the amount of body lotion as they consistency of cold cream is thicker as compared to regular lotions.

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Pwn February 4, 2020 - 10:44 am

So we should not use cold creams directly to our face as daily moisturiser??

Expertish February 5, 2020 - 5:08 pm

it’s better to use moisturisers which have more active ingredients for giving your skin the benefits it actully need


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