HOT WATER OR COLD WATER- which one is better for your skin

by Expertish

Our eyes are always on the new product in market and lately skincare is getting the same amount of importance or even more like makeup does. From 10 steps skincare routine to all organic and vegan choices, people are always excited to try out the new beauty trends and tend to overlook the basics which hold equal importance. Their are certain habits which can effect your skin and skincare routine but people don’t focus on that as they believe that an over expensive product can really make a difference which is not the reality. For example even if you buy the most trending face wash or cleanser which your favourite actor is endorsing for but it will not work according to your expectations if you are not using the right kind of water to wash your face(#RealityCheck)

Well some might think that how can your high priced cleanser be dependent on something which is freely available but the truth is that it really does. So we are not telling you to use the spring water from the French alps just to wash your face but cleansing your skin requires temperature control as skin needs to be treated gently. One information that surrounds the whole internet is that hot water opens and clear your pores and cold water shrinks them. Just to make it clear once and for all that your pores are not elastic bands, they just can’t simply contract or expand if you use different temperatures of water. If you keep your skin well prepped their is a higher chance that your pores might stay in better condition as compared to using ice cold water every day which is not only uncomfortable but unnecessary too.

What happens when you use COLD WATER?

Cold water can wake you up in seconds and also makes you feel more refreshed. Those who have puffiness around their eyes do prefer washing their face with cold water or using ice roller in the morning to get a more tightening effect. The reason why cold water helps with depuffing is because it can retract the skin temporarily which can subside the swelling or water retention on your face. You might notice less visible pores but that is just going to come back when the skin comes back to the normal room temperature. While there are no harmful effects of using cold water but it’s not recommendable to use it daily morning and night. Moreover those who wear makeup daily can find their waterproof products hard to remove with icy cold water and the residue of that can lead to acne and breakouts.

What happens when you use HOT WATER?

Well who isn’t guilty of taking long hot shower or soaking in the bath tub with steaming water after a hectic day but this “oh so relaxing” habit can harm your skin in a lot of ways. Piping hot water can strip off the natural oils of your skin and also cause excessive dryness. You must have seen excessive dandruff in winters when you regularly bath with hot water, that happens because the skin on the scalp becomes extremely dry and starts flaking out and your face or body isn’t that different. People who have sensitive skin can be effected too as hot water increases sensitivity on the skin as the temperature is too high to handle. An additional warning for the oily skin fam that your skin will compensate by secreting more oil when it’s natural oils are stripped thereby giving your skin an oilier appearance which can also lead to pimples.

What is the right temperature of water for your skin?

And the award goes to- LUKEWARM WATER. You need a perfect temperature between hot and cold water to use regularly. Water which is mildly warm is great for your skin and gives the maximum benefit. Not only the cleanser foams in the right way but also the excess sebum in your pores is cleared without effecting the external layer of your skin. Those who are a fan of Double cleansing which we believe is just the best gift given by Koreans,must use lukewarm water as it helps to clear off all the traces of oil cleanser which isn’t possible with cold water. Using lukewarm water regularly will get rid off excess dirt and product residue by keeping your natural oils intact at the same time.

This might seem like a small step but mark our words that it’s the very first step of your skincare routine as the kind of water you use for cleansing matters more than the cleanser you actually use.

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