Why & How To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

by Expertish

We use cosmetic brushes to contour, conceal highlight in short everything to create flawless makeup look. This is why these brushes need daily care to stay in good condition for a longer period. The best way to extend the lifetime of these brushes is to clean them after regular intervals. Not just this, you use these brushes on your face, so the cleaner the better. These keeps the bacteria away that can cause breakouts. It is highly recommended that keeping a check on makeup tools is vital for your skin health and obviously to get a perfect look.

Since, the makeup tools are supposed to be properly cleaned, there is much more to do than it seems. Here’s what you need to do to keep your makeup brushes clean in order to have them for a long haul.

What is Used to Clean the Makeup Brushes?
Now we know that the tools we use to apply our makeup have similar importance to the products we use on our face, but are neglected most of the time when it comes to hygiene. Cleaning makeup brushes regularly is important. But using the right product to clean them is also crucial. Using a gentle soap on your brushes keeps the bristles soft and natural. This also ensures that all the excess oil and dirt is removed from the brushes.

There are dozens of cleansers available in the market to clean the makeup brushes and makeup artists suggest to use these cleansers for better results. But if you don’t prefer buying one or want a feasible way to clean these brushes, your shampoo or face wash can prove to be the next best option. Now there are various other homemade cleansers you can use to have a thorough cleaning.
Baby shampoo in a bowl of lukewarm water, a massage of olive oil on bristles and even the dishwashing liquid can work well to remove the caked-on makeup and clean the brushes.

How Often Should You Wash Your Brushes?
The most used brushes tend to get the dirtiest like the ones you use for your base. Foundation and concealer brushes should be washed once a week as their use is much more in comparison to the rest of the makeup brushes. Eyeshadow and liner brushes can be given a little leniency as they are often used less and are not applied on the areas where one usually breaks out.

The Right Way to Clean The Makeup Brushes
Taking good care of your brushes will extend their life span for many years to come which will be a proper use of money you invested in them. The key here is to look after them well, which means taking the time to clean them on a regular basis. The good-as-new makeup brush is just a few steps away:

Step 1: To start with, always use lukewarm water while cleaning the brushes. This keeps the bristles from falling out and getting ruined. 
Step 2: If you are dedicated enough, so you can use a cleanser to rub on the brushes. If not, you can add a mild shampoo or any liquid soap into the water. 
Step 3: For those using cleanser, you should gently massage the tips of bristles on your palm. If you are cleaning with soap, you can either swirl it in the bowl or on your palm to lather it up. Make sure you avoid the metal part so that you don’t ruin it.
Step 4: Rinse the bristles thoroughly and if there is a need, repeat above steps until the water runs clean.
Step 5: Use clean towel to remove the excess water and moisture. 
Step 6: Now, reform the brush head to the original shape and hang the brushes upside down to allow them dry in proper shape. 

When your brushes are clean and dry, store them in your brush case to protect the bristles. See that the bristles aren’t pressed as they may lose their shape and it would be difficult to use them. It is important to clean the brushes regularly to maintain their longevity.

Although, you are going to follow these steps to extend the life of your makeup tools but there is also a time when you need to give them up. You shouldn’t ignore those signs where these brushes are no longer able to do their best. Even after taking care, if the bristles start to fray and lose shape, it’s time to buy the new set of makeup brushes altogether. 

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