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Rushed morning and busy schedule always lead to quick fixes but even if they work it doesn’t mean that these rushed solutions won’t have any effects. One thing which majority of us might be guilty of doing is grabbing a rubber tie and quickly tying your hair in the messiest manner. These rubber ties have the tendency of sticking onto your hair fibre and breaking them when you untie at the end of your day. As our skin needs to be treated gently same goes for our hair.                                                          

Rubber ties can not only lead to breakage due to high friction but can also cause bald spots when you daily tie your hair in the same pull back manner.Regular rubber ties which are often found in offices or kitchen cabinets have metal which is the real culprit of causing damage to your hair. Moreover people who suffer from cervical and migraine must not use rubber ties as it can aggravate headache and tension in neck muscles. And lastly they are not even meant for hair. Just give it a thought yourself that something which is so tough and is used to tie bundles of plastic and paper could be gentle on your hair?

On the other hand a much better option for tying your hair are silk ties. Now a lot of you might think that any fabric can be used until but silk has some really nice qualities. It’s totally opposite of what a rubber ties does. Not only silk is the smoothest fabric but it’s touch is as soft as a feather. Not only there is no friction when you use silk scrunchies but also you will notice less frizz and breakage. The drawback is that if the scrunchies are made from pure silk they can be a little pricey but totally worth your money and you will genuinely notice a difference when you use them regularly.

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