Simple Pre and Post Workout Regime

by Expertish

There are numerous benefits of working out for your body but sometimes while you’re working hard for that “summer hot bod” the sweat you produce might make your face feel itchy or even prone breaking out and you must be feeling complete opposite of what experts claim.
The one big reason for that could be you being irresistible enough to touch your face. You’re definitely not the only person working out in the gym, there must be a couple of people sweating themselves off jumping from one machine to another so it’s obvious enough that they must be also touching the equipments while using them. Innuendo, when you workout at the gym you can never be sure of the hygiene maintenance because no matter how clean you be you don’t know if the person is equally clean or maybe if the gym staff is taking necessary measures to keep their gym as clean as possible. There’s always a space for bacterias and viruses and germs altogether breed in.
But there are basic simple tips you need to sink in to prevent breakout and itchy skin while working out:

Pre Workout
Avoid makeup if you can! Our experts guide that our face should be as clean as possible before we start working out and wearing makeup to the gym or generally while working out isn’t a really good idea — we will tell you why! When you work out your body undergoes a lot of shake and rush, the temperature of your body is completely shuffling. Sometimes your body is too hot and as you take a little break between your sets it cools down a little so hence your skin pores open up with the body heat and rest up gradually as your body cools down. Wearing makeup to the gym will seep the makeup into your pores and clog them leading to a congested sad skin. Give your skin a space to breathe while you workout. And yes,do not forget to wear a nice SPF if you’re working out outdoors or under direct or indirect sunlight.

During Workout
The burpies you do, the treadmill you run onto or the chest press you do all include touching the equipment or as minimal as your gym floors. It all makes your hands definitely dirty. Therefore, never touch your face while working out even if the sweat is dripping. Pick your gym towel wisely and use it instead. We know it might be hard to retain but this is one golden thing you could do to save your skin. Also keep hand sanitizer in your gym bag along with some cotton pads and micellar water.

Post Workout
Irrespective of weather or workout intensity, always splash cool water onto your face as soon as you’re done working out. Your body rides one hell of a temperature swing so cool it down by splashing cold water onto it. It will relax your face and also is a quick way to soothe the redness. Next use a gentle cleanser followed by a moisturiser to calm your skin down and nourish it.

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