Sleeping Positions: Which Is Best For Healthy Skin?

by Expertish

Sleep actually plays an important role in your beauty regime. The skincare experts usually speak about how the sleeping habits affect the beauty of your skin. Even if you are having enough sleep, there might be a chance of getting up with puffed eyes or dull skin. This is fairly because your sleeping position matters too. Experts also state that there are some beauty mistakes that we make while we are asleep. So, how you sleep can either take a toll on your skin or can make it better.

Following are mentioned three usual sleeping positions, and the ways they affect your skin’s elegance. We might get into all sorts of sleeping poses during the night but these are the standard positions we usually start sleeping in. 

1. On Your Back(Best)

Puts less wrinkle-inducing pressure and friction on your face. Slight elevation on extra pillow keeps fluid from building up under your eyes.

Sleeping on your back is the best and most preferable one in skincare regime. It prevents the wrinkles and lines on face and neck. Your face is less likely to feel any friction due to pillow. While you sleep on your back, the neck is aligned with back which gives some relaxation. Moreover, having a good pillow is also important. Gravity can make the fluid to build up under your eyes. So, slight elevation by an extra pillow avoid the fluids to pool under the eyes.

2. On Your Side(Good)

-Often causes wrinkles or creases on the side you naturally turn to, but it is good for sinus issues.

It is good to sleep on your side but it affects your skin in some ways. When you sleep so, it pressurizes one side of the face. The cheekbones can flatten and wrinkles appear on the face. Apart from this, the face experience some friction due to pillow which creates creases on that side of the face. It is more likely for the skincare products to get rubbed off on pillow and not nourish your skin. Sleeping on side avoid the blood flow from building up in sinuses, thus helping you have a better sleep if you have sinus. 

3. On your Stomach(Avoid)

-Causes more wrinkles and increased neck pain. The pressure of your face on the pillow lead to more fine lines and puffiness around the eyes.

Sleeping on your front, i.e. on your stomach has downside results on your skin. It causes lines all over your face. The skin is more prone to premature aging as wrinkles start to appear and skin gets loose. Your face will look puffed up and tired by sleeping on your front. Moreover, sleeping on your stomach aggravate the neck pain due to excess pressure. This can further lead to lower-back pain and posture problems. 
The friction on the skin causes collagen breakdown which is really bad for the skin. Collagen keeps your skin in shape and if there is none of it, the skin loosens and becomes saggy. So, it is advisable to avoid this sleeping position. 

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